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PW-Lan Internet Communication

The PW-LAN can be installed by ControlOMatic when the PoolWarden or MiniWarden are initially purchased, or added later on. To install simply turn the controller off, press the PW-LAN into the communication slot and screw in the 3 bolts, connect to the network, and turn the controller back on. The controller will automatically detect the PWLAN and when detected a lower case ‘c’ will display in the lower right corner of the readings screen on the controllers display. Connect to the network directly with an Ethernet cable, use power line adapters, use a WIFI bridge, or use an Ethernet to Cellular connection. Features: 10/100Mbps, 32-bit Freescale Coldfire processor, leds for Link, speed/data and power, web-server is built in. Future updates can be performed remotely by ControlOMatic if needed.

PoolWarden and MiniWarden can easily connect to a facilities network allowing for remote communication and data logging. By connecting to an existing network, there are typically no communication charges and the connection has no data limits which isn’t the case with cellular. When the Ethernet option is added to the controller, it can easily connect to the network any of the following ways: direct Ethernet cable, power line to Ethernet, WIFI to Ethernet bridge, or even Ethernet to cellular if there isn’t a suitable existing network.

DIRECT CONNECT: Connect directly to the controller with any web browser, including smart phones, note pads, tablets, and computers. With direct connect you can make immediate changes to the configuration, view the configuration, and current readings of your PoolWarden’s and MiniWarden’s remotely. This typically requires some routing configuration at the facility to allow an external connection through the firewall. PoolWarden and MiniWarden have many security features including TCP-IP block, enter up to 10 allowed external connection IP addresses, all others will be blocked.

DATA SERVICE: The PoolWarden and MiniWarden can send data to the server at 15, 30 or 60 minute intervals. This data and other information can be viewed at any time in table format, or graphically. Alarm conditions can be setup for sending an email or even a text message to a cell phone.