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MiniWarden Economical Single Pool Control

TrueDPD Colorimetric Free Chlorine Sensor

The TrueDPD take the guesswork out of hand measuring free chlorine using proven DPD reagent technology. DPD technology is recognized as one of the most accurate testing methods and the TrueDPD ensures that all your measurements will always be accurate. Some health departments will allow the the measurements from an automated colorimetric measuring system to replace some of the daily required manual measurements.

The PoolWarden is the most advanced single and multiple pool chemical controller available, providing the ultimate in pool and spa chemical automation. There are up to 8 relays (4 dry contact) providing control for pH, sanitizer, heaters, pumps and alarm outputs. The easy to read 80 character display with back-light and 16 button keypad makes setting up the PoolWarden quick and easy. Setup control types are included for standard types of control including acid, base, cal-hypo, erosion feeders, salt systems, heaters and more.

PoolWarden Multi Pool Control


MiniWarden includes most of the features of the PoolWarden and is a single pool pH and ORP controller. Some of the features have been removed to make it easier to setup and operate.  The MiniWarden measures temperature but doesn’t support heater control, and doesn’t support backup sanitizer control. MiniWarden includes two relays and can control dosing equipment to keep the pH and oxidizer at desired levels. The ORP relay can be selected as a dry contact, or supply voltage allowing for the control of many types of sanitizers, including salt systems.


PW-LAN Ethernet Communication Module

Introducing the water chemistry chemical controller communication option that makes sense. Internet-based communication that allows you to tap into your existing network bypassing monthly charges for cell phone or satellite communication. Forget the hassles of phone lines, intermittent cellular coverage, external boxes, and monthly service charges to the phone company.

The Ethernet is very easy to setup, in most cases just plug in the Ethernet cable and turn it on. If there isn't an Ethernet cable in the pump room that is typically no problem and a cable doesn't even need to be installed, just use two powerline to Ethernet adapters. Powerline to Ethernet adapters are not that expensive and work very well. Install one powerline adapter in the network room, and the other with the PoolWarden. The PW-Ethernet includes a 10 foot CAT5 cable already run through a water tight fitting, all you have to do is plug the cable in.


PW-VFD: Vacuum Fluorescent Display

Besides brightness, VFDs have the advantages of being rugged and easily configured to display a wide variety of customized messages. Unlike LCDs, VFDs are not limited by the response time of rearranging liquid crystals and are thus able to function normally in cold, even sub-zero, temperatures, making them ideal for outdoor use in cold climates.

PW-Pigtail: Short Extension Cord

In order to connect a load with a 110VAC style plug to the relays, you need to cut the plug off and strip the wires back. The PW-Pigtail connects to the relays and brings the female 110 VAC socket outside the box so, you don’t have to cut the cord. These should only be used indoors.

PW-Tube: Tube Fittings

Tube fittings are not included with the flow cell because there are different sizes and types. ControlOMatic has 3 types all with 1/4” MPT for connecting into the flow cell. and supports 3/8” tubing with a quick connect type or a hand tighten type and a 1/2” hand tighten type. The tubing isn’t included with any of the controller versions and must be purchased separately.

PoolWarden Product Catalog

The PoolWarden catalog includes all of the variations of the PoolWarden and MiniWarden chemical controllers including the optional TrueDPD free chlorine sensor and Ethernet communication.