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Sanitizer Control

Automation refers to the automatic monitoring and control of the sanitizer and pH levels in water, in order to maintain clean, safe water at all times, while achieving significant reductions in the cost of chemicals, maintenance and repairs. Automation is now recognized as a necessity for all commercial and public pools and spas, as well as for quality residential installations. ControlOMatic systems offer the most advanced line of electronic controllers for monitoring and control of water chemistry.

The most important benefit of a ControlOMatic controller is the increased safety. When using a ControlOMatic controller the water chemistry will not be out of balance unless there is an alarm condition. ControlOMatic controllers measure the chemical values in the water continuously delivering the corrective chemicals exactly when needed. Unlike other chemical feed systems (adjustable feed pumps or metered erosion chlorinators), which are unable to adjust to changes in bather load or temperature, which can change the pool balance in a very short time.

PH Represents the acidity or alkalinity of the water on a logarithmic scale that represents the concentration of hydrogen ions H+ in the water. PH Is very important to water chemistry because the hydrogen ions are small and very active and therefore affect most chemical reactions in water.

PH Values range from 0 to 14, with 7 being neutral.  When the pH value increases by one unit, i.e. from 7 to 8, the acidity of the water decreases tenfold. Small changes in pH therefore have large effects and this is why close pH control is critical to water maintenance. The ideal pH range for water treatment is 7.4 to 7.6. Below 7.4, the water is too acidic. This causes eye irritation and corrosion of the equipment. Above 7.6, the water is too alkaline. This also causes eye irritation plus cloudiness, scaling and stains. In addition, high pH values reduce the activity of the sanitizer.

California TITLE 22

The MiniWarden is a pH and ORP controller with many features not found in a lower cost chemical controller. With many of the features from the PoolWarden the MiniWarden will take care of you pool or spa, the PoolWarden can say pool and spa.

pH Control

The activity of the sanitizer is measured with a special electrode called an ORP or Redox electrode. Both of these terms stand for Oxidation Reduction Potential. ORP Does not directly measure the amounts of sanitizer in the water, but rather its activity, which makes it more valuable to proper water sanitation. There can be plenty of sanitizer in the water that is not active due to high pH, measuring the PPM with a traditional test kit will show adequate PPM, but measuring with an ORP sensor will show that the the water may not be safe for swimmers.

ORP Readings are used to monitor the activity of the sanitizer: chlorine, bromine and or ozone. ORP Is measured in millivolts (mV). Millivolts provide a superior index of bacteriological water quality because they monitor the activity of the sanitizer, rather than just its quantity, as with conventional PPM (parts per million) test kits.

All ControlOMatic chemical control systems measure ORP and pH and can control corrective equipment to keep the chemical balance where you want it. Simply enter the desired setpoint for ORP and pH and the type of equipment being controlled along with a few other settings the controller will do the rest so long as the chemical storage tanks don’t run dry.



The PoolWarden is a pH, ORP and heater controller that can control one or two pools at the same time. If you have a pool and spa and need chemical automation but don’t want two controllers the PoolWarden was designed for just that purpose.

PoolWarden Product Catalog

The PoolWarden catalog includes all of the variations of the PoolWarden, MiniWarden and SmarterPool chemical controllers including the optional TrueDPD free chlorine sensor and Ethernet communication.

TITLE 22 (California): This is a new requirement for California public pools aimed at helping to keep the water safe for all of us swimmers.  We have examined the requirements and summarized them with information on how ControlOMatic’s commercial products are actually one of the few in existence to already meet them.

Pool and Spa Chemical Automation

The SmarterPool is a revolutionary pH and PPM controller that isn’t effected by cyanuric acid, saltwater chlorine generators or how to calibrate an ORP sensor with a free chlorine measurement. Using a blend of the TrueDPD free chlorine sensor and the MiniWarden in the same box brings a lot of capability for both commercial and residential markets.